Date: 21/02/2011

Author: admin

timeless fashion.
changing lives
fast fashion landfill
Mythhya offers a thoughtful choice for the fashion forward woman who is equally conscious of the wider impacts of her spending. Our customer’s classic, long lasting clothing purchases will not only be good to the planet, they will change people’s lives for the better. Mythhya is an alternative to fast fashion, which quickly outgrows a woman’s closet and ends in landfills. According to the EPA, on average, a US family throws away sixty-eight pounds of textiles each year. Eighty-five percent of this goes to landfills.
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organic artisan fair wage
At mythhya, we will employ organic fabrics that minimize the use of chemicals and reduce the harm that exposure to chemicals may cause in people—women users but also several persons in the production cycle—farmers, weavers, dyers, dressmakers. Also, fewer chemicals during farming will not deplete soils or drain away scarce resources. Mythhya will positively impact the artisans in the developing world whose skills are increasingly becoming irrelevant in the context of the assembly line production. To this incredible talent, mythhya will extend meaningful work at fair wages.
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